Andrew Baldwin trained as a Master Blacksmith and Welder and worked as such for 28 years. His interest in Victorian engineering, his limitless imagination and his aptitude for working metal are what motivates him to create his outlandish mechanical marvels.

Among his creations is a truly poetic life-size sculpture (click here to see it), which, over and over again, explodes into fragments before slowly reforming into the image of its maker. He has constructed many walking machines and numerous ‘winged’ works (the largest of which spans 40 feet). ‘The Walking Boat’ is his most ambitious to date, and is the first boat he built.

Future Plans
Andrew Baldwin is driven by seemingly impossible feats. He is already working on his next project - a boat he’ll sail across the Atlantic to Canada, and built to mount icebergs. When he gets there, he plans to scour local scrap yards for parts and turn the boat into a wheeled vehicle, which he‘ll drive across the country. When he gets to the other side, he’ll then set sail on the Pacific with it!

Perhaps the most impossible machine of all will be the flying ‘Ornicopter’, another project he’s visualising for the future. Even he admits it’s highly unlikely - but who knows whether or not that will that stop him.

Past works
02 - 09 | Canterbury Trail | Canterbury, Kent
03 | Artists & Galleries | Georges House | Folkestone, Kent
04 | Eye Opener | Monkey House | Ramsgate, Kent
04 | A Bird Dreams of Fish | Brurbar | Ramsgate, Kent
04 | The Man Who Makes Mysterious Things | Ramsgate
04 | Decade | Metropole Galleries | Folkestone, Kent
05 | Les Merveilles Du Monde | Dunkirk, France
05 | Fallen Fruit | Strange Cargo – Canterbury Festival
06 | The Body Speaks For Itself | Mamsgate & Folkestone
06 | Sound and Silence | Trinity Buoy Wharf | London
06 | Stark Gallery | Deptford X | Deptford, London
07 | Daedalus & Son | | Trinity Buoy Wharf | London
07 | Perspex and Pins | | Georges House | Folkestone
08 | Last One | Harbour Arm | Margate, Kent
09 | Passage | Passage de Jesuits | Saint Omer, France
09 | Nesting | Sidney Cooper Gallery | Canterbury, Kent